June 16, 2020

I’m pleased to announce that I will be opening my clinic doors week commencing 6th July. I have made several changes to the way I work to ensure everyone’s safety. I have tried to cover as much detail as possible below. If you’ve a question that is not covered, please get in touch. This is new for all of us as we move towards a new ‘business as usual’, & your input from a client’s perspective will always be welcome.

I am strictly following the advice & guidance from my membership association, the Sports Therapy Organisation (STO), who have worked tirelessly with their governing body, the General Council for Soft Tissue Therapies (GCMT), industry Insurers, & with guidance from the Government, NHS & Public Health England.

Currently it is strongly advised that I do not conduct any home visits. I will not be able to offer this service until further notice.

I will NOT be able to treat the following:

  • Pregnancy
  • Multiple high-risk health issues, including shielding (clinical extremely vulnerable)
  • The elderly – over 70 years of age
  • NHS front line personnel & carers (potentially)
  • Anyone who has either had Covid-19 (including post Covid-19 circulatory problems) or been exposed to it


New clinic sessions slots available:

Bookings will be taken for the first 3 weeks of July & then I’ll review the situation re: home visits. For now, these are the available times, please contact me directly to book. Updates will be put on Instagram & Facebook

Mon 9am 1030am 12pm 2pm 3.30pm 5pm 6.30pm 8pm
Tues 9am 1030am 12pm 2pm 3.30pm 5pm 6.30pm 8pm
Wed 9am 1030am 12pm 2pm 3.30pm 5pm
Thu 9am 1030am 12pm 2pm 3.30pm 5pm 6.30pm 8pm
Fri 9am 1030am 12pm 2pm 3.30pm 5pm
Sat 9am 1030am


New pricing structure:

I’ve had to increase my prices to take account of the increase in costs for PPE etc. All deals, packages & bulk buys are suspended too. The simplified structure is below:

Duration Price
30 mins £25
60 min £35
x2 60 mins (double) £65

There will be some changes in the process both before & during each session, to help ensure both yours & my safety:

  • Before you leave your home, please check your temperature, if you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms, please postpone or cancel your appointment. (No cancellation fees).
  • If you are a first-time client, your pre-session consultation will now take place via the phone or videoconferencing – rather than face to face.
  • If you are an existing client there will be a short update consultation – to see how you have been since pre lockdown & whether you have any Covid-19 issues. Also, via phone or video conferencing.
  • There will also be a consent form to complete regarding exposure to Covid-19. If you are considered a high-risk client, it may not be possible to treat you at this time. (see website for list of high risks).
  • When you arrive, please follow all instructions given to re: sanitising, removing shoes & clothes etc.
  • I will be using PPE until the requirement relaxes.
  • I may ask you to wear a face mask, please bring your own. One will be supplied (£1 charge), if you do not have one.
  • Payment can be made via card, bank transfer, or Paypal. Cash will be still accepted but not the preferred method.
  • There will be an approximate 30-minute gap between clients, to enable disinfection of the practice space, therapy table & equipment, with enough time to dry & take effect.

Thank you for your continued support. This will become our new ‘normal’ for a while, but restrictions will relax over time & we can get back to business as usual, including those much-loved home visits.