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JT Sports Massage works with professional & amateur athletes across a variety of disciplines, including county level cricket, athletics, rugby, cycling, running & triathlon.

JT Sports Massage also treats non-sporting clients, & helps many people with occupation related issues. Builders, plasterers, carpenters & those who spend prolonged time at a desk or driving all benefit from regular treatment with JT Sports Massage.

Soft Tissue Therapy & general Sports Massage can help you recover from injury, manage chronic pain, increase tone & condition to your muscles, re-align postural imbalances & help offload tension in stressed & overworked muscles.

Based at Apex Ability Gym in Stanley* & also covering most parts of County Durham, Tyne & Wear & southern parts of Northumberland**, JT Sports Massage offers a flexible service at a time & place that suits you. Either come to me or I’ll come to you.

* See FAQ page for full postal address.

** A surcharge may be added for all appointments outside of a 10 mile radius of Stanley Co. Durham. If in doubt, ask me when you enquire.

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My services include:

  • General Sports Massage – not just for sporty types. Focus on areas of tension, working deep within the tissues
  • Soft Tissue Release – stretch out shortened & tight muscles using both Passive & Active release techniques
  • Trigger Point Therapy – relieve intense, referred & chronic pain through targeting pressure point
  • Muscle Energy Techniques – restore normal muscle length using PIR & RI active stretching techniques
  • Myofascial & Connective Tissue Release – restore elasticity to interconnecting tissues & help break up scar tissue
  • Kinesiology / Dynamic Taping – support weak/injured muscles whilst maintaining full ROM, allowing you to remain active.


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More About Me

I’m Jason Taylor, founder of JT Sports Massage. I’m a keen runner & cyclist & understand all too well the frustrations an injury or niggle can bring. I’m passionate about helping people stay fit & active & can draw upon my own experiences to help you regain your fitness or work towards your next goal.

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