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Soft Tissue Therapy

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JT Sports Massage works with professional & amateur athletes across a variety of disciplines, including county level cricket, athletics, rugby, cycling, running & triathlon.

JT Sports Massage also treats non-sporting clients, & helps many people with occupation related issues. Builders, plasterers, carpenters & those who spend prolonged time at a desk or driving all benefit from regular treatment with JT Sports Massage.

Soft Tissue Therapy & general Sports Massage can help you recover from injury, manage chronic pain, increase tone & condition to your muscles, re-align postural imbalances & help offload tension in stressed & overworked muscles.

Based at Apex Ability Gym in Stanley, County Durham.

Unit 4, Harelaw Industrial Estate, DH9 8UJ. 1st gated entrance as you come into the estate. Just look out for my logo & the signage on the fence.


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My services include:

  • General Sports Massage – not just for sporty types. Focus on areas of tension, working deep within the tissues
  • Myofascial Dry Cupping – stimulates healing, stretches tight fascia & muscles, promotes blood-flow, increases joint range of motion
  • Soft Tissue Release – stretch out shortened & tight muscles using both Passive & Active release techniques
  • Trigger Point Therapy – relieve intense, referred & chronic pain through targeting pressure point
  • Muscle Energy Techniques – restore normal muscle length using PIR & RI active stretching techniques
  • Myofascial & Connective Tissue Release – restore elasticity to interconnecting tissues & help break up scar tissue
  • Kinesiology / Dynamic Taping – support weak/injured muscles whilst maintaining full ROM, allowing you to remain active.


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More About Me

I’m Jason Taylor, founder of JT Sports Massage. I’m a keen runner & cyclist & understand all too well the frustrations an injury or niggle can bring. I’m passionate about helping people stay fit & active & can draw upon my own experiences to help you regain your fitness or work towards your next goal.

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